All correspondence should be addressed to the Chairman / Principal, Cambridge High School, Bhilar, P.O.Box No. 82, Panchgani. Letters concerned with the school should not be addressed personally to any staff. The Chairman / Principal could read letters written to the children.

Parents / Guardians are free to write to their children as often as they want to. As and when necessary the parents should also reply to the correspondence from the school.

The school will from time to time keep you informed about the child’s welfare. The students shall write to you once in a month for which no postage is to be provided.

Possession of Articles...

Expensive articles like radio, tape-recorders, camera etc. should not be brought to school or boarding by the students. The management and the staff will not be responsible for loss or damage of any such articles.

Discontinuing Student From The School...

It is within the right of the management to discontinue a student from the school on disciplinary grounds, poor academic performance or on health grounds. A student could also be discontinued from the school if the parents / guardians are often found to be failing in their responsibilities by not following the rules and regulations such as:

• Always reporting late after vacations.
• Improper approach to the staff members.
• Proves to be a bad paymaster.
• Failing to practice courtesy etc.

Withdrawl of a Student From The School...

The academic year i.e., 1st term begins in June. In case of a withdrawal of a student, written notice must be given at least 2 months before the first academic year / term begins. In case the child leaves the school in the middle of the year caution money and fees will not be refunded. If written notice is not given as above and the student is withdrawn when the term begins, then, two months boarding fees in lieu of the notice must be paid.

Transfer Certificate will not be issued unless all dues are cleared and all accounts with the school are settled.

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