There are four houses – Amazon, Jordan, Nile and Tigris. All the academic and co-curricular activities within the school are held at Inter-House level. Each house has its own captain that is responsible for the discipline of that house. Inter house tournaments tend to foster a spirit of loyalty among the members of every house. Between the houses there is a spirit of constructive competition which does not disturb the friendship of students from different houses. School Prefects are elected after a considerable thought. Prefects can play a very important role in the management of the school, if they accept their various duties and responsibilities with a sense of fairness towards all the students. They are free to discuss their problems and the problems faced by the students in general without restraint. The school authorities intervene only when their advice is sought or when the happiness and well-being of others require such intervention. If the prefects discharge their duties untouched by fear or favor of the crowd, they help the school considerably.

The house system plays an important role in the life of child, which helps to mould a child into a responsible, understanding citizen of the future. Along with studies what have to go hand in hand are social relations, culture, manners, discipline resulting into the child’s bright future and national integration.

Certain things are to be done by the children themselves, which enables them to gain confidence and independence. A child at the boarding automatically learns to accepts things and face the situation in real life without any problems.