a) The school is able to have the student remain with the school for a short holidays, if the parents wish.
b) All students must go home during long vacation. Children not going home during the vacation and stay at school, will have to pay the boarding fees for the vacation.
c) A child will not travel with school party / tour if any fees are due. So to avail the said service, make sure that all dues are paid.


During the two semesters while the school is in session, special leave to attend religious ceremonies, wedding etc. WILL NOT BE GRANTED. Parents are requested not to ask for such leave.


Reporting in time to school plays a very important role from the discipline point of view. Thus, students can’t report as per their convenience. It is necessary for the students to come back to school on or before the reporting date, during office hours only. A fine of Rs. 100/- will be imposed for every late day per student and without paying the fine the student will not be allowed to attend the school. Late reporting may be accepted without fine only on the following circumstances:
1. Medical Certificate with proper evidence is forwarded to prove that the late reporting has been due to severe illness or any other major reasons.


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