• Children are expected to return on or before the reporting date during the office hours only.
• Girls are not permitted to use any make-up or perfume or any jewelry in the school. They may be a hindrance to the normal academic development of the student.
• Cash should not be left in the hands of the children for reasons, which are obvious.
• The school is not responsible for any injury to the child while being in school including travelling, due to any accident or any other reasons whatsoever.
• The school may impose penalty or punishment on a child for any misbehavior.


Student’s works are regularly assessed and records are maintained by the teachers. Teachers also conduct regular weekly tests to monitor the progress of the students.


Parents / Guardians will be given the mark list of the Unit Test, Terminal and Annual Examination provided all the fees due are paid.


The promotion rules have been framed on the guidelines of the promotion rules by the Education Department. Student will be treated as failed on the following grounds:
1. Failing in three or more subjects.
2. Failing in any two of the three subjects:English, Mathematics and Science.
3. In each subject the student needs to score a minimum of 35 out of 100 marks as average performance to pass the subject?
4. Overall percentages should be above 35%.
5. Promotion to Std. X will be on the basis of S.S.C. Board rules for promotion.


If the boarding child is found weak in any of the subjects, private tuitions will be arranged without consulting parents / guardians and charged additional fee for the same.


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