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Panchgani was founded in 1853 by John Chess, who was sent here by the East India Company to find a suitable place where wives and children of the officers of the company could reside instead of going back to England frequently. Since then, it has been an educational centre and is a fine hill station. Naturally, it boasts of famous boarding schools set in the beautiful surroundings, with terraces of cultivated fields, tiny hamlets nesting in the hills , a meandering river and now a dam on it. The winding path in the mountains makes Panchgani a tourist delight. Throughout the year it has a pleasant climate, abundant with fresh air and pleasant atmosphere.

General Information Of Panchgani...

Area                       3.4sq.kms.
Population            10,000 [approx]
Altitude                  4,300 ft .above sea –level
Rainfall                   [June – Aug] 200 cm [approx]
Climate                   Summer 18 c.min. & 27 c. max.
                               Winter 10 c. min & 27 c. max.

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