• Academic Calendar


    The school starts every year on the 1st of June and ends during April. Parents and Guardians will be provided with Annual Fixture (School Calendar) at the beginning of the each academic year. This will give a detailed information about the school activities during the entire year . It is necessary for Parents / Guardians to follow this fixture and adhere to the instructions listed on the back of the fixture.

    There shall be two terms in a year. Examination will be conducted at the end of each term. In between the two terms, their will be unit tests & weekly tests. Performance throughout the year will be seen to calculate the average performance required for necessary promotion.

  • From the Principal's Desk

    • From a little sapling sown in 1997 amidst the health giving hills of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar the Cambridge High School has grown into quite an Oak tree.
    • Dear Parents, all your support is needed in this amazing task of child-rearing, mind training and character building. I am glad to acknowledge this support and add that the kids are responding very positively. We uphold values of character formation and Academic Excellence.
    • A will to follow and a mind to discover is the basic requirement for entry into Cambridge High School. We Wish our children a very bright future.

From the Chairman's Desk


I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

             We are preparing our children to compete in the global world. There should be no fear in the child’s mind of being left alone at school. To make teaching more effective it is essential that we attend work-shops and keep improving our knowledge and understanding. Teachers should be friendly in the school campus. The only way to do great work is to show love and affection.

“ We Wish our children a shining future in all their endeavors.”


  • Our Aim

    The aim of Cambridge high school is to provide a sound education in an ideal circumstance for boys and girls of all communities from all the world .

  • Teaching and Learning

    Academic success has increased in importance to the point whereby it is a priority for parents when choosing schools. We acknowledge this and have put in place the best International curriculum and teaching staff.

  • Visitors Book

    This School has had the pleasure of playing hosts to numerous Guests VVIPS, Dignitaries and visitors form India and abroad and their comments are a continual gift to our institution.

  • School Calendar

    1st Term – June to Diwali
    2nd Term – November to 1st week of April

  • Computer LAB

    The school computer lab is equipped with a good number of computers with multimedia. There are E-mail and Internet facilities on which they can learn, work, play and can also communicate with their parents occasionally.

  • Library

    The school has a well-equipped library for Std V to Std X. Std IV have their own Class library. The library boasts of books from academics, fiction, non-fiction, and story books from well known authors and publications.